Basic Training for Selective Mutism

Dr. Goodman has specialty training in Selective Mutism, having attended the Selective Mutism Training Institute in Washington D.C.. She was an invited speaker at the 2019 Selective Mutism National Conference and remains active in the SM community. Based on the work of Dr. Steven Kurtz from the Child Mind Institute and founder of the Brave Buddies program, Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM) is one of the most researched and effective programs for treating SM.

The main focus of this training is to familiarize you with selective mutism and to learn critical skills of child directed and verbal directed interaction (CDI and VDI skills, respectively) to help your child with SM be successful. This learning takes place as an interactive workshop that utilizes hands on participation and role playing activities to solidify learning.

This four hour basics course is perfect for caregivers, parents, grandparents,  and teachers. Though not technically "required", it is strongly suggested to any parent who has a child in therapy for SM. Research has shown parent training to be a key component for positive treatment outcomes. This training is offered 3 times a year and is limited to a small number of attendees for each session.