At Simply Psychology, LLC you can rest assured that any evaluation for special education/504 needs will be done within state and federal guidelines using the most up to date measures and with careful and thorough consideration and assessment of your child. 

Our comprehensive evaluations include a 45-60 minute hour parent intake and documentation of developmental history obtained through verbal report as well as a developmental history questionnaire. After the intake, an individualized detailed evaluation plan will be discussed and a contract will be presented for your approval. Testing is typically completed over 2 or 3 sessions of approximately 2 hours in length.

In addition to a comprehensive evaluation completed with your child, our evaluations typically include a school based observation, parent and teacher report forms, and a full academic record review.

After testing is complete, we will meet with you to review the evaluation results and answer any questions you have as well as help guide you in the right direction for your child. 

Areas of special education evaluations we specialize in include; Specific Learning Disability, Other Health Impairment (including ADHD and Tourette Disorder), and Emotional Disability (which includes but is not limited to; Selective Mutism, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, etc).  

Although determination for special education and 504 eligibility must be done by your child's school team, the foundation for that determination starts with a relevant and robust evaluation. 

Your local public school district is mandated by law to consider any request for special education testing that you make in writing. This does not mean that they have to test your child, rather they must only consider your request for testing. The testing you can receive from your public school is free, however sometimes parents do not wish to wait for the process to ensue at the school, or for other reasons, would rather have a private evaluation.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE's)

An Independent Educational Evaluation is a private evaluation that is conducted at the request of the parent/guardian by a private evaluator (someone not affiliated with the school district) after the school district has been given the opportunity to conduct their own evaluation. When the district approves a request for an IEE, this means they have agreed to pay for the evaluation at the district's expense.  Most of the time, an IEE is requested when parent/guardians do not agree with the findings of a school based evaluation. 

Simply Psychology, LLC has been approved by numerous districts in the state of Arizona to conduct IEEs, and you have the right as a parent/guardian to choose your individual private evaluator, even if that individual is not on the list given to you by your school district.