Social Skills Groups

Is your child 4-17? Do they struggle with social pragmatic language, social problem solving, selective mutism, social anxiety, or with making and keeping friends? Are they able to be verbal with a new person within 10-20 minutes of warm up time? If so, this group is a great fit for your child! End of session surveys from parents indicate that their child is more willing to engage socially and verbally with others and they have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends.

What happens during group?

During our 50 minute in person group sessions, your child will interact in structured play activities with peers of similar age and communication skills led by Dr. Alicia Goodman, PhD, NCSP who has years of training and experience working with socially anxious and SM children and teens.

Group typically includes an interactive game or song (depending on the age group), a check in with each child, a structured activity specific to communication and social skills, and group games (which are great opportunities to learn skills such as explaining the rules of a game, asking questions for clarification, speaking to others).  Group dynamics change based on the composition of the group and skills of the group, and no two groups are ever the same.

Concepts Covered in PreK and Elementary Groups Include:

Listen and follow directions, ask and use names, greet friends, share and give turns, ask friends to play, join ongoing games, keep cool during play, be a good sport, transition to new play activities, ask and give help, use good volume control, maintain personal boundaries.

Concepts Covered in Middle and High School Groups Include:

How to... use appropriate conversation skills, find common interests by trading information, appropriate use of humor, enter and exit conversations between peers, handle rejection, teasing, and bullying, handle rumors and gossip, be a good host/friends during get-togethers, make phone calls to friends, choose appropriate friends, be a good sport, handle arguments and disagreements, change a bad reputation.

Group Dates/Times:

Each group will meet for a total of 10 sessions twice a month; please call for more information on dates and times.

New to Group?

All clients NEW to group must attend a 60 minute in office screening appointment to determine if our social skills group is right for your child.  If the fit is not good for group, you will receive appropriate recommendations and intervention ideas for your child. 

What if I can only participate virtually?

If there is enough interest we will consider adding a virtual only social skills group as well so let us know you are interested by clicking here.

To learn more or to register for a screening, call 602-428-2838 or please click here