A family thinks their child struggles in shool, so they take her to Simply Pyschology around Phoenix and Scottsdale to get tested for a specific learning disability, in order to help their child do better in school.
Specific Learning Disability

Does your smart child struggle in school? Maybe you notice it takes them longer to complete homework than it should, or it seems even after repetition of the same concept they seem lost or tend to forget what they have just learned. A learning disability can sometimes be tricky to pinpoint and may be the cause of endless frustration on the part of you and your child.


I do believe that children do well when they can, which means if they are not doing well, we need to figure out the "why."  Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations can be very helpful to gain a more complete picture of your child's strengths and weaknesses. This type of evaluation is available through your district at no cost to you. However, caseloads of school psychologists are large and sometimes your child may not receive the specialized evaluation they need to truly help them.


Our process is uniquely tailored to your individual child. We start this process with a no-obligation parent intake appointment. After a thorough interview, an assessment plan will be proposed and reasons for testing certain areas will be explained in detail. Only when you feel completely comfortable with the process we move forward with scheduling testing sessions and/or observations. Please check out our FAQ's about testing for common questions and answers and then contact us so we can help you get started. 

We conduct Independent Educational Evaluations as well, which can be requested through your district if the district has already completed an evaluation and you do not agree with the findings, or if you feel they have not adequately addressed or assessed the areas of concern.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!