Image shows Theresa Harnois. She is a behavioral specialist posing for a headshot wearing a black top and a gold pedant necklace smiling invitingly.
Theresa Harnois, M.Ed. 

Theresa is a leading and respected expert in the area of behavior support, planning, and management.  Her approach is aimed at helping parents quickly identify and problem solve difficult behaviors in order to help gain peace in the home environment.

Theresa began her career in Special Education in 1995 and received a Master’s degree in Special Education from Chapman University in 1997.  With her extensive experience in the field, Theresa knows what drives success in today’s learning and home environments.

Prior to working with Simply Psychology, LLC, Theresa served as the Director of the Behavior Support Team in a local school district.  In this role, Theresa led a district-level response team serving over 30 campuses where she and those she led provided all aspects of academic and positive behavioral supports. 


These supports included, but were not limited to, professional development, coaching/mentorship, positive interventions, collaborative team development, program development, creative problem solving, and enhanced resource management. 


In addition to her work with Simply Psychology, LLC, Theresa serves as an Associate Professor at Arizona State University for the Educational Studies Program and is a Special Education teacher.