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What To Expect From Us

Research-Based and Individualized Treatment Plans

A young woman is relaxing after attending Simply Psychology in Phoenix, Arizona. She got help from a professional psychologist and counselor.

Do you want to feel confident that your concerns are taken seriously?

How about relaxing and resting easy knowing that you are getting help from a professional who cares? We understand that reaching out for help is not always easy, that is why it is our goal to help you feel that you have made the right choice. Deep breath.  

A mother is happy after scheduling an intake session at Simply Psychology in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Step 1 

After taking a deep breath, no matter the reason for contacting us, your first step is to schedule an initial intake session; you can do this by sending us an E-mail or calling us at 602-428-2838. You will reach our office manager or my confidential voicemail. All calls are returned within 48 hours.

A warm handshake as a man arrives for his relaxing, no obligation, parent session at Simply Psychology in Scottsdale.
Step 2

Now that you are breathing easy, and have your appointment scheduled, arrive on time for your initial intake session -- and let us take it from here. 

  • No obligation, relaxing, parent-only session

  • Review of current concerns

  • Developmental history interview

  • Plans for next steps

A father is researching the services of Simply Psychology, including child psychology, parent coaching, individual therapy, and parent workshops.
Next steps may include :
  • Bringing your child in for their own intake

  • Parent coaching sessions

  • Comprehensive evaluations 

  • Individual therapy sessions

  • Attending a parent workshop

A mother and daughter are happily attending a workshop at Simply Psychology in Phoenix.
Throughout our work together, we will:
  • Be a good listener

  • Keep you fully informed

  • Create with you and provide to you a treatment plan

  • Provide the opportunity for you to check in with me on a regular basis

  • Answer your questions

  • Teach skills and tools to be a better you