It takes a village. I am honored to be part of yours.

-Dr. Alicia Goodman

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Dr. Alicia Goodman on Outloud: The Selective Mutism Podcast

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Dr. Alicia Goodman talks about Simply Psychology's upcoming Social Skills Groups.

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A father and mother are spending quality time with their child after improving their parenting with a parent coaching session from Simply Psychology in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Be the best you can be.

Individual Therapy & Parent Coaching


“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

- Margaret Mead

A school girl takes an evaluation from Simply Psychology, a child psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona.


     Comprehensive, Professional, Uniquely Tailored

A school child draws on paper during a school consultation for IEP and 504 systems in Phoenix, Arizona.

School Consultation

Effectively navigate IEP and 504 systems


What our clients are saying...

"She was so great with the situation we came to her about and followed up and took us on a Weekend which helped with work and family life."

"I can not say how grateful our family is that Dr. Goodman came into our lives. My son and I instantly felt comfortable with her. She is an amazing, compassionate person."

"My son had a wonderful experience testing with Mrs. Larson! He has said multiple times since how fun the testing was and how much he liked Mrs. Larson. Highly recommend!"

At Simply Psychology, LLC, we implement research-based effective therapy methods to promote independent problem-solving.


We offer individual counseling,  parent and behavioral coaching, social skills groups, parent workshops, and evaluations. Each interaction is tailored as a personalized experience,  meeting individual needs,  while maintaining the integrity of treatment and focus on goals.

The office of Simply Psychology LLC. It is a relaxing, slightly dim atmosphere with a soft rug, bean bag chair, and a butterfly painting on the wall. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, an excellent child psychologist.
The outside of the office of Simply Psychology LLC. It is located in building letter A, number 2930, in Phoenix, Arizona. An excellent resource for child psychology, parent coaching.
The lobby of Simply Psychology LLC. There is a nice wood floor with a coffee table with magazines and a vase of flowers. There is a small bean bag chair and a few cushioned chairs for parents. Good atmosphere for school evaluations for selective mutism, ADHD, child psychology, parent coaching, and more.
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