Space Treatment


SPACE Treatment for Parents of Anxious Kids

Are you a parent of an anxious child? Do you often modify your family routine because of your child's symptoms? Do you often find yourself doing things that would usually be your child's responsibility?  Have you regularly modified your work or leisure activities because of your child's anxiety?  If you have been nodding your head yes, then this online workshop is right for you. 



What is SPACE?

We are not talking about the missions to Mars here or exploring the galaxy. SPACE is an expedition -into your own parenting behavior- to help your anxious child!  SPACE is a treatment program for parents developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz from the Yale Child Study Center and stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions.  It is focused on the only thing you have control over with your child's anxiety, YOUR behavior. Focused on shifting parental responses to anxious childhood emotions has proven to be very effective in treating your child's anxiety! 

SPACE offered in a group is:

*More affordable than traditional  therapy

*Allows the group to learn from others

*An evidenced based researched approach

*Just as effective as Cognitive behavioral therapy

*Great for ALL parents of anxious children including those who are resistant or hesitant or too young for CBT

Group Dates/Times

The Group SPACE Treatment Workshop will be held virtually on Thursdays for 75 minutes, 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM Arizona time. This is 10 hours of education over 8 sessions as follows: August 10, August 17, August 24, August 31, September 7, September 14, September 21, September 28


The cost for the 10 hour- 8 week session is $850. Payment is due at registration. 

To get the most out of this treatment, attendance at all sessions is highly recommended; sessions are not recorded and are not able to be made up.  There are no refunds for missing a session as tuition is paid for in advance.

Psychologist appointment

Curriculum includes the following

Week 1 - Setting the Stage

(intro and understanding of your child's anxiety)

Week 2 - Charting Accommodation (recognizing your current behavior)

Week 3 - Choosing a Target Problem and Informing the Child

(helping you decide where to start)

Week 4 - Formulating a Plan

(as it sounds - let's make a plan)

Week 5 - Reducing Accommodation (continuing to shift your behavior)

Week 6 - Additional Targets- Parents Take the Lead

(your turn to take over the planning)

Week 7  - Additional Targets- Continued (how to keep the momentum going)

Week 8 - Summary and Terminating

(let's celebrate your wins and look to next steps)