Parent Coaching

A family has improved quality time with their children after attending a parent coaching session at Simply Psychology in Phoenix. They learned new skills to help with their children's behavior at school and home.

If you have tried time-outs, behavior charts, rewards and consequences, and have taken any and all advice that has come your way, yet you are still struggling to effectively manage your child's behavior; you are not alone! Emotional and behavioral problems were reported amongst the most prevalent chronic mental health conditions of childhood according to National Health Statistics in 2012, and needs for support are growing rapidly.

In 2015, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that 37% to 39% of children will have a behavioral or emotional disorder diagnosed by 16 years of age. It is not uncommon for parents to become exasperated and exhausted in dealing with children's behavior.  Whether they are struggling at home, at school, or both, daily battles and phone calls from the school can add anxiety and frustration to an already challenging situation.  

In addition to helping with behaviors, we can also help you navigate tricky life-changing situations such as separation and divorce, adoption, adolescence, and other complicated curve balls that life throws at you.  

Parent coaching will build upon your current strengths and teach you new skills to be more effective. We will offer you practical ideas that are simple to implement and will help you be successful.  We will support your parenting style while offering resources and suggestions so you can be the best you can be. 

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