parents listening to a videoconference of how to reat anxiuos kids

SPACE Treatment for Parents of Anxious Kids

Just as effective as individual cognitive behavioral therapy in treating anxious children.

little shy girl

Intro to Selective Mutism / When Shyness Gets Worrisome

Debunk common myths and identify if your child may need specialized help.

Happy mother drives young daughter and son to school

Jumpstart - Get back to school ready!

This 2-day weekend camp is a fun and active camp staffed with clinically trained counselors designed to help socially anxious kids feel prepared to face the school year ahead.

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Selective Mutism Workshop

4 hour online interactive workshop. Learn skills to start helping your child now!

Smiling teacher helping children with their work during the lesson

504s and IEPs: Navigating the What, Why and How related to educational supports

90 minute virtual group session to help parents understand what educational plan is best for their child and how to advocate for them.

phychologist giving a private workhop to a group of parents

Private Group Workshop Inquiries

Are you interested in a Private Group Workshop for Selective Mutism? Please complete our Group Workshop Questionnaire and a member of Simply Psychology, LLC will be in touch with you shortly.