Expert Gifted Assessment

Gifted testing is conducted by state-certified school psychologists with extensive experience. We have experience and expertise working and assessing children for gifted eligibility using only the most up to date state-approved tests.


Click here for a link to state-approved tests.  We understand that all children are unique and children perform their best when they are not stressed or in a high-pressure environment. Testing can be completed with individuals ages three and up.

A private gifted assessment allows for individualized attention, as many breaks as your child needs, and the ability of the evaluator to be sure your child understands tasks before proceeding. Additionally, we always test in all three areas of state-mandated assessment: Nonverbal, Verbal, and Quantitative, and our tests also yield Full-Scale IQ scores.


This is typically different from the group-administered paper-pencil or computer test given within local schools. There is no guarantee that private testing will yield higher scores; however, you can be assured with a 1:1 testing environment, the best estimate of your child's ability will be gathered. 

The State of Arizona mandates gifted education for those students who qualify. To meet state criteria, students who score in the 97th percentile or higher on Nonverbal, Verbal, or Quantitative measures qualify to receive gifted services.


These criteria may vary depending on the age range and district. Parents are encouraged to contact their local educational agency to fully understand requirements and programs which are offered. 

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