Individual Therapy

Improving quality time together

During individual therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior. Strategies and tools used will vary by age. Typically effective individual therapy can start as early as age 5 (with play based strategies), and can be helpful throughout the developmental continuum into late adulthood. Younger children will typically require more support from home, and parents will be expected to be involved in treatment. Teenagers often find solace in the confidential relationship they develop with me, and the level of parent involvement is determined as a team. Young adults and return to school college students who are struggling with mental health or learning challenges find comfort in my knowledge relating to educational psychology. 

Although I diagnose many different disorders under the DSM 5, Anxiety Disorders including Selective Mutism, Separation Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders, ADHD, social cognitive deficits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD are some areas that I specialize in and follow specific protocols for diagnosing and treatment. I am trained in Comprehensive Behavior Intervention for Tics (C-BIT) for treating Tic Disorders and Exposure Response/Prevention (ER/P) for treating OCD.