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Is your child 4-17? Do they struggle with social pragmatic language, social problem solving, selective mutism, social anxiety, emotional/ behavioral regulation around peers, making and keeping friends, or with healthy relationships? If so, your child or teen may benefit from our small, targeted group therapy programs. Parents have stated “it is the only place my child will go willingly”- parent of client age 13, and “we have seen so much growth since starting groups”, parent of client age 5.

Simply Psychology, LLC is proud to be one of the few places offering targeted group therapy for children and teens in the Phoenix area. Specializing in working with children with social anxiety and selective mutism, we have specific targeted group therapy for this population. Additionally, we have group therapy for children and teens who struggle with emotional and behavioral regulation and with building healthy relationships. Our calming group space is child and teen friendly- a comfortable, welcoming and happy place to be. Groups are designed to be a fun and engaging experience where your child can acquire and apply new skills in a safe place. Participants will work with others in a variety of group activities and games, engage in discussion, have time to practice skills learned, increase their confidence and have opportunities for self-reflection.

Social pragmatic language

Social Problem Solving

Selective Mutism

Social Anxiety



Social Awareness

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision Making

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Group therapy sessions are 50-55 minutes long and are tailored to the individuals in the group. Group participants are working on similar treatment goals and group therapy allows them to learn coping and calming strategies as well as give them guided direct practice of skills in a small group therapeutic setting. Group is designed by and supervised by clinic director, Dr. Alicia Goodman, PhD, NCSP, who is a nationally certified school psychologist and clinical licensed psychologist with years of training and experience working with socially anxious, kiddos with SM, and those with emotional and behavioral regulation challenges. Dr. Goodman’s team that runs our groups are expertly trained under her direction and supervision.